The set of jewellery  that Bharatnatyam dancers wear during their performance is known as Temple Jewellery. They wear bangels on wrists, Armlets on upper arms,


A piece of Armlet

 rings on fingers and also nose pins  to enhance their appearance. Women make “veni” or braid with their hair and cover the braid with artificial or original flower. Sometimes they cover their bun with flower and fix  a headpiece on the bun. “surya-chndra” or sun and moon are fixed on either side; generally  “sun” is fixed on the right side and “moon” is on the other side as head represents  the heaven. In the middle of the head women dancers wear “Tikli” which is connected with “Tayra”. The ear ornaments consist of three pieces –  “thodu” which fits on ear lobs; “jhumko” hangs from the thodu and a chain or “maatal” which stays connected with side part of the head.

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They also wear necklaces; generally they wear two type of necklaces- a small one and a long a one which is known as Chandrahar“. and finally dancers fix a belt on their waist.


Waist -belt


A set of Temple Jewellery



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