Bharatnatyam Costume

There are two popular styles which are known as Bharatnatyam Costumes –

  • Saree style
  • pajama style

In Saree style female dancers wear  knee length saree with blouse and fitting pajama.


Saree style

Pajama style consists of several pieces of cloth-

  • Blouse
  • Pajama
  • Pleated Pallu
  • Hip Guard
  • Small Fan
  • Big Fan

Blouse is for the upper part and pajama for the lower part. with pajama dancers add Big Fan and Hip Guard along with Small Fan. They drape the pleated pallu over bosom. This costume is easier to wear and carry while dancing.

The pieces of pajama costume are made of silk cloth, embroidered with threads of pure Gold.

Male dancers usually wear “Dhoti” for lower body and don’t wear any upper garment. Their dresses are also made of silk along with needle work. They wear less ornaments than that of female dancers.


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