Ghungroo in Bharatnatyam Dance

The most important thing in Bharatnatyam or any other Indian Classical Dance is the pair of Anklets or Ghungroos. These Musical Anklets are tied to the feet of the Dancers. Ghungroos help to make noticeable and audible the rhythmic footwork of dancers. A pair of anklets shows its beauty more when dancers make complex footwork. 71u3u-fkCNL._SL1400_

Ghungroos are worn exactly above the ankle. A string of Ghungroo usually consists of 25 (twenty five) to 200 (two hundred) bells knotted together. A beginner child dancer starts with 25 bells in a string and gradually adds more as the trainee grows up and gets habituated with the same. The sound of the Ghungroo depends on the size and the numbers of the bells. Ghunghru4

Ghungroos are worn only  at the time of practice and performance. For Dancers ghungroos are worthy of veneration.

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